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Superfine Grinding Technology Which Trends
Jan 16, 2018

Ultrafine grinding technology continues to develop, the development trend are: the development of high production efficiency, low cost, product size and specific surface area, chemical composition, crystal shape, surface morphology, defects, roughness and other controllable decentralized Good quality, product quality and ultra-fine grinding of ultra-fine grinding process and equipment.

① improve and improve the strength, particle size distribution, grain type and crystal type regulation and control technology of ultrafine grinding and ultrafine grinding based on the existing methods and processes of ultrafine grinding.

② In the existing mechanical crusher equipment and processes are common: environmental pollution, waste of materials. How to solve and improve the existence of mechanical shredders many problems are ultrafine shredder business research and development, overcome technical direction. To provide customers with a high production efficiency, low cost price, the ultimate small size, particle size controllable and decentralized, secondary pollution of the advanced AMD equipment and grading equipment.

③ The existing domestic ultrafine mill performance testing standards and evaluation methods are not uniform, ultrafine grinding equipment companies should unify the industry standards, to provide users with real and effective reference standards.

④ ultrafine shredder machine application of new industries and modern industries: functional ceramics, catalytic materials, coating materials, electronic information materials, energy and environmental protection, biomedicine, organic / inorganic composite materials.

⑤ mechanical grinding method is the preparation of ultrafine powder and superfine powder the main method. Currently used for the preparation of ultrafine powder equipment are: ball mill, tumble ball mill, vibration mill, grinding micronizer, sanding mill, planetary ball mill, colloid mill, jet mill. With the above crushing equipment to achieve uniform size control D98 have a good grading equipment, you must fine grading. Due to the fine product size, gravity grading time-consuming, the general use of centrifugal field grading.

⑥ mechanical crushing method and grading principle: 1. Solid material in the mill due to the role of mechanical force to achieve shredder effect. The role of this mill can generally be divided into squeeze, impact, shear, friction and so on. In the ultra-fine grinding equipment used in a force (air jet mill), as well as the compound force (grinding micronizer, colloid mill).