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Superfine Mill Is To Conquer The Direction Of The Traditional Chinese Medicine Processing Technology
Jan 16, 2018

At present, the grinding machining technology is tend to be in the direction of the micronization technology and nanometer technology development. Super fine crushing drug micronization, foot a new technology developed in recent decades, can be in a very short period of time will be crushed into solid materials uniform particle size of ultrafine powder. The basis of its development mainly around the following aspects:

(1) in principle can consider raising the effective crushing, mostly is the use of impact, shear and friction force the comprehensive effect of super fine crushing;

(2) the structure is made of super fine crushing, grading combination type, use of high efficiency air grading device can not only improve ultra-micronization model.the granularity, and so as to realize the particle distribution uniformity or specialization;

(3) on the material using high wear-resisting material as lining material. Not only can reduce wear lining material for crushing product composition composition or color pollution, but also can improve the service life of equipment;

(4) super fine crushing and the implementation of the integration of particle surface modification;

(5) the shattering of the special needs, such as low temperature crushing, etc.

The type of crushing machinery can be roughly divided into:

(1) high mechanical shock decline mill a discrete and horizontal;

(2) the jet mill, flat, circular tube, the target type, the spray type, fluidized bed spray type;

(3) roller pressure type mill a high pressure roller mill, vertical roller mill (from grinding, MPS mill);

(4) medium movement type mill - points container drive type (pressure grinding mill, ball mill, vibration grinding, planetary mill);

(5) medium stirring mill. Thus it can be seen. Has obvious advantages and characteristics of superfine comminution. Promotion and application of this technology in the field of scientific research of traditional Chinese medicine, will strongly promote the system of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the improvement of technical level and the development of traditional Chinese medicine, has extensive application prospect and research value.