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The Difference Between Inclined Agitator Mixer And Horizontal Ribbon Blender Mixer
Apr 25, 2018

For food manufacturers, mixers are key assets in their operations. This article will tell you the difference between the inclined agitator mixer and horizontal ribbon blender mixer.
Among the two major mixer styles, your best choice depends on the material ingredients, production processes, production efficiency and safety, and other priorities that are unique to your operation.
Horizontal ribbon blender mixer is mainly comprised of mixing barrel , spiral ribbon and driven parts. The spiral ribbon is made of two layers. That is, the inner ribbon makes the material move outwards, while the external ribbon makes the material move inwards which forms a good circulation of material. It has always been an important factor in the operation of many food processing facilities.
But as food more and more challenging ingredients, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, ground beef, or other heavy solids, the processor seeks the design of a mixer that is more suitable for this kind of product. So the inclined agitator mixer are specifically engineered to deliver better and more efficient performance.
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