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Pulverizer Machine

The pulverizer machine is a machine which can crush large size solid material to required size. It is composed of coarse pulverizer, fine pulverizer and pneumatic conveying device, which can reach the purpose of pulverizer in the form of high-speed impact. The use of wind power into a powder, eliminating the traditional screening procedures. Mainly used in mining, building materials and other industries.
Main products:
Spices Pulverizer: The disc pulverizer machine for spices is stainless steel mill, suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and grain industries, crushing dry brittle materials. Because the parts in contact with comminuted materials are all made of stainless steel and have good corrosion resistance, at present the frame of this type is closed all around for easy cleaning.
Grains Pulverizer: Wheat Crusher Machine is a practical equipment which is especially designed to make the wheat powder.The machine makes use of the relative movement of the movable tooth disk and the fixed tooth disk to make the crushed objects through the friction.It is widely used in food industry to produce the Chinese traditional food.
Food Additives Pulverizer: The mini pulverizer machine is equipped with an internal classification mechanism so that grinding and classification are carried out simultaneously, thus reducing energy consumption.
Seasoning Pulverizer: This chili grinder machine is applied as supporting equipment, before fine crushing process in such trade as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc.
About us:
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  • Rice Crusher Machine

    Rice Crusher Machine

    Rice crusher machine belongs to the high speed machinery, materials adjusted by cutting blade, designed and developed by using mixed powder spraying principle.This machine has reasonable structure, durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, particle size can be achieved...Read More
  • Powder Making Machine

    Powder Making Machine

    The powder making machine is applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural chemicals, food and food industries, and is widely use. The machine is suitable for active tooth plate and fixed means of relative motion, make shattered by the impact, friction and impact...Read More
  • Micro Powder Grinder Mill

    Micro Powder Grinder Mill

    This micro powder grinder mill is designed according to the international smash advanced technology research, novel structure is reasonable, simple and compact, small volume, high efficiency, good appearance is easy to wear parts for replacement. It is suitable for brittle...Read More
  • Hammer Mill

    Hammer Mill

    This hammer mill belongs to the high speed machine, using a fixed tray and the relative movement between the active hammer, the material is cutting blade. After crushing materials of rotating centrifugal force function, automatically entered into the trap, cloth bag dust...Read More
  • Grain Grinding Machine

    Grain Grinding Machine

    Grain grinding machine is composed of three parts of main engine, auxiliary engine, electric cabinet, adopt advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, and in the same industry based on the updated design improvements, the grinding efficiency of the equipment...Read More
  • Crush Machine

    Crush Machine

    Crush machine for industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, food, rubber, plastics and other industries. Is about as professional equipment crushing material in the process of before, and can crush difficulties and hard materials such as plastic, rubber, etc.In...Read More
  • Fine Powder Grinder

    Fine Powder Grinder

    Fine powder grinding machine can crush chemical products, food, drugs, plastics, cosmetics, dyes, resins, pigments, grains and so on.Read More
  • Commercial Mill Grinder

    Commercial Mill Grinder

    This commercial mill grinder set consists of universal mill and powder collection device, solve the dust float in the sky in the process of crushing material.Its principle of work is the material into the crushing chamber, in fixed gear disk with high speed rotating activity,...Read More
  • Turmeric Powder Grinding Machine

    Turmeric Powder Grinding Machine

    This turmeric powder grinding machine consists of crushing host, cyclone separator, pulse dust collection box and the induced draft fan, etc.Machine designed according to GMP standard, all adopt the stainless steel material manufacturing, no dust in production engineering.Read More
  • Spice Grinder

    Spice Grinder

    This spice grinder machine of horizotal crushing structure, and the whole stainless steel materials, applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, as supporting equipment before fine crushing process, which is not affected by material viscosity, hardness,...Read More
  • Spice Crusher Machine

    Spice Crusher Machine

    With dust collection system.Powder after crushed under the effect of centrifugal force, since entered into the catcher, a dust collector bag filter dust recycling, the system solved the normal powder flying machines. This machine occupies a small area.Rotating blade milling...Read More
  • Pulverizer Machine For Powder

    Pulverizer Machine For Powder

    This machine is JB Series Dust Free Crusher, This pulverizer machine for powder has solved the grind powder pollution, in the process of crushing machine cavity fever caused by the material scrap, and the damage of screen mesh material jams dust float in the sky. Technical...Read More