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Ultra Fine Powder Grinder

Ultra Fine Powder Grinder

Ultra fine powder grinder is widely applied in the chilli,pepper,black/white pepper,spice etc.

Cayenne Pepper Particle Ultra Fine Powder Grinder

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Dust Collecting Set

Technical Data

Working principle

The material is pushed into the pulverizer by the automatic feeder. Due to the negative pressure, the material entering the pulverizing chamber is subjected to high-speed impact and shearing by the pulverizing knife, and is also pulverized by the high-frequency vibration generated by the eddy current, and the pulverized powder is pulverized. Negative pressure acts into the classifying wheel. Due to the rotation of the classifying wheel, the powder is simultaneously subjected to the centrifugal force of the aerodynamic force.


The machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, eg: Chinese medicine, food, chemical, health care, roots, diameter, corn, rice, pepper, pepper, oil wheat, soybean, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, Industrial materials such as dried ginger, white sugar, saccharin, grain, shrimp, pumpkin powder, and seasoning are crushed.

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