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The use of Chilli Pulveriser precautions and maintenance
Jun 26, 2018

One of the chili pepper mechanical grinders, the main function and role is to smash peppers. In actual operation, the worker should stand on the side of the feeding port of the pepper mill, and his hands should not protrude into the mouth. Remember that the cover must not be opened while the equipment is running and the machine is not stopped.


During the operation of the Chilli  Pulveriser, it shall not be overloaded for a long time or allowed to start. When the feeding port is blocked, it is forbidden to feed it by hand or with a wooden stick, and the machine shall be shut down immediately for inspection. When the work is done, it should be fed in a proper amount, and if it is not wet, it is best to dry it or reduce the amount of feed.


During use, it is necessary to constantly check the fastening of each component in the pepper mill to prevent loosening. Each oil hole should be refueled frequently, and the bearing part should be filled with lithium grease every six months. When shutting down, the equipment should be idled for a period of time, blow out the remaining material in the machine, and shut down.


After the production operation is completed, the Chilli  Pulveriser and the job site need to be cleaned and kept clean. For all random rotating parts of chilli powder, grease should be added in time, and the machine should be stored in a dry, non-corrosive gas warehouse.


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