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Mixing Machine

Mixing machine is the use of mechanical force and gravity two or more than two kinds of materials evenly mixed up the mechanical equipment. In the mixing process, the contact surface area of materials can be increased to promote chemical reaction. It also speeds up physical change.
Commonly used mixing machine is divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixing machine, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixing machine, powder and granular solid material mixing machine four categories.
Main products:
1.Spices Mixer:Spice Mixer Machine is suitable for mixing of powder particles with good material fluidity, small physical difference, and material mixing with low mixing degree and short mixing time.
2. Grains Mixer: JB series dry flour mixer machine consists of U-shaped container, ribbon stirring blade and transmission parts. The U-shaped long body cylinder structure ensures small resistance movement of the mixed material (powder, semi-fluid) in the cylinder.
3. Food Additives Mixer/Pharmaceuticals Mixer/Chemicals Mixer
About us:
With strong technical force, unique design and low price, Baoli Machinery is your best choice! As one of the most professional mixing machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory provide various mixing machine for sale. For price quotation, contact us now.
  • Best Automatic Batch Electric V Mixer Machine

    Best Automatic Batch Electric V Mixer Machine

    V Mixer Machine Introduction The v mixer machine is a high - efficiency asymmetrical mixer , which is suitable for the mixing of powder or material - like materials in industries such as chemical industry , food , medicine , feed , ceramics , metallurgy and the like . A...Read More
  • Dry Ingredient Powder Mixer Blender

    Dry Ingredient Powder Mixer Blender

    Dry Powder Mixer Blender Introduction Under the driving of the driving shaft , the loaded cylinder body is combined motion such as translation , rotation and tumbling , so as to cause the material to move along the barrel body along the three - way multiple stage , thereby...Read More
  • Urethane Mixing Machines

    Urethane Mixing Machines

    Urethane Mixing Machines are a kind of mixing equipment which is widely used to mix fertilizer,oil,food and so on.It is practical and useful that it is applied to the medicine industry,glass indutry,buliding materials and other industries,which makes our life more convenient...Read More
  • Automatic Mixture Machine

    Automatic Mixture Machine

    The Automatic Mixture Machine is one of the most versatile pharmaceutical and industrial mixing machines which can work automatically in order to mix the raw materials together to gain the required products in short time.Read More
  • Chemical Powder Mixing Machine

    Chemical Powder Mixing Machine

    Chemical powder mixing machine is professionally designed to mix the chemical powder since the chemical powder has large demand on the market which is closely linked to our daily life.Read More
  • Dry Powder Blender

    Dry Powder Blender

    Dry powder blender is a kind equipment which is composed of main motor,reducer,air hermetic seal,travel switch,feeding hole,air vent,pneumatic value and discharge port.It is mainly used to make the materials into small particles.Read More
  • Electric Mixer Machine

    Electric Mixer Machine

    Electric Mixer Machine is a kind of equipment which can mix and flavouring food materials evenly in a relatively short period of time.It is suitable for all kinds of food flavoring, feeding, coating, and so on.It is also perfect for fried potato chips or french fries, or...Read More
  • Horizontal Mixer Machine

    Horizontal Mixer Machine

    This Horizontal Mixer Machine is a new type of high efficiency and high precision mixing equipment, which is widely used in pharmacy,food, chemical industry and other high mixing of various powder or paste materials.Read More
  • Paddle Mixer Machine

    Paddle Mixer Machine

    Paddle mixer machine is a kind of high speed mixer. When the plough or inclined blade is installed on the stirring shaft, the material particles acting on the structure of the plow can make continuous mixing motion of the radial and longitudinal coordination of circular...Read More
  • Detergent Powder Mixer Machine

    Detergent Powder Mixer Machine

    The Detergent Powder Mixer Machine consists of a U-shaped container, a ribbon mixing blade and a transmission component. The ribbon-like blades are generally made of two or three layers, and the outer spiral gathers the materials from the sides to the center,Read More
  • Washing Powder Mixing Machine

    Washing Powder Mixing Machine

    Washing powder mixing machine is a new type of high-efficiency powder mixing equipment, which can be divided into stainless steel plough mixer and carbon steel plough mixer according to the material, horizontal plough mixer and multi-function plough mixer according to the...Read More
  • Paddle Mixer Machine

    Paddle Mixer Machine

    Paddle mixer machine is suitable for mixing with powder, powder and liquid, powder and paste; the machine has the function of dispersing high speed flying knife, and the material can be evenly mixed in a short time under the action of plough and flying knife.Read More
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