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Composition and reasonable matching of material conveying system
Jun 06, 2018

A complete material transport system should include unpacking and unloading equipment, silos, transfer rotary valves and screw feeders, blending equipment, batching systems, gas delivery systems, and automatic control systems. Its use has brought a series of benefits to production and processing.


It is precisely because of the automated material handling system that has greatly increased the production efficiency, thereby significantly reducing the labor costs; at the same time, it can also improve product quality. Because artificial ingredients and feedings are easy to make mistakes, automated systems can avoid such problems.


Not only that, the material handling system can effectively improve the workshop environment. Because our material conveying system is fully automatic, the entire material processing process is compact and coherent, so that the value of the entire material can be improved. These are good experiences that the material transport system brings to the user.


The composition of the material handling system is an integrated system that contains many components, including unloading. The fully automatic particle warehouse is sent to all units by trolley, the system automatically identifies the materials, enters the silo, and then automatically overpacks, so that these raw materials must be automated and must have stored equipment.


With regard to the selection of the blending silos in the material handling system, the choices are gas flow mixing, ribbon mixing, mechanical mixing, and static silos. Its principle is to form a multi-channel structure inside the silo, using the material in the process of gravity flow, the different materials out of mixing.


Positive pressure pneumatic conveying is used in the material conveying system, through the feeding bin to the reversing valve, to the receiving bin and then to the dust collector. The automatic batching uses negative pressure weighing ingredients to combine the conveying and batching process to improve the batching accuracy and achieve accurate material delivery.

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