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Daily operation of dry powder mixing equipment and maintenance before and after use
May 23, 2018

Dry powder mixing equipment is an essential production equipment for the construction and building materials industry. Its working principle is relatively simple. Fuel or electric drive equipment is used. Mixing is very efficient. However, as a mechanical equipment, its operation and inspection and maintenance before and after use must comply with relevant regulations.


Before using the dry powder mixing equipment, first store the materials needed for production to avoid shortage of materials in the production process and affect the production. At the same time, we must conduct thorough and detailed inspections of the equipment, such as checking whether the transmission device and brake device are firm, how tight the belt is, whether the protective cover is in good condition, and whether the entire machine is clean and dry, and whether the various components inside the device can be seen Good, the equipment must be fixed firmly, and the instrument instrument index is normal and accurate.


Before starting the machine, observe the wear condition of the gear raceway of the dry powder mixing equipment. Lubricate all lubrication parts in good condition and add grease in time; whether the raw material specifications meet the production requirements of the dry powder mixer. In addition, it is also required that the test run without load before starting the machine be checked for abnormal conditions and the direction of operation is correct.


Although the design of dry powder mixing equipment is scientific and rational, the technology is advanced, and the computer automation control system is equipped at the same time, the production process can be fully automated. However, operators should also memorize the operating procedures and strictly follow the production process to avoid unnecessary Trouble.


It should be noted that the dry powder mixing equipment shall open the door strictly during the operation. The mixer should not stand for a long time under the mixer; the added capacity must not exceed the specified capacity. After the dry powder mixing equipment is used, it is necessary to clean the residue in the mixing drum in time. It is better than observing whether the equipment is stable or not. It is found that the offset is found in time and the cause is corrected and corrected.


For special seasons such as winter and summer, dry powder mixing equipment should be well protected from rain and moisture. Equipment can not be put on the shelf in the open air. It is necessary to cover and take protective measures when not in use for a long time. Clean the drainage ditch and cover the dustproof film. Necessary.

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