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What are the characteristics of the fine pulverizers's structural performance?
May 25, 2018

The fine pulverizers is a device that can pulverize 2-6mm pure rubber particles into fine powder with a particle size of 40-200 mesh at room temperature. It is able to do this because the fine crusher has a unique structure and superior features, making it one of the indispensable important equipment in the chemical industry.


The structure of the fine pulverizers mainly includes a pulverizing motor, variable-frequency feeding mechanism, disc adjustment mechanism, hopper, dynamic disc, body, main shaft, collecting tube, circulating water cooling system, etc., and each part cooperates with each other in a unique manner. ,Coordination.


In the fine crusher, there is a grinding section made of carbide disc made of tungsten carbide. The disc body is made of special materials and subjected to special follow-up treatment, which makes the whole device with impact resistance, high wear resistance, good toughness, and long service life. And other significant advantages.


From the structural point of view, the entire fine crusher adopts a horizontal integral structure and processes the parts in the machine body through numerical control technology. This not only ensures the accuracy and installation precision of the equipment, but also the overall structure is compact and reasonable, and the power is low. Low vibration, easy installation and maintenance.


In addition, the fine pulverizers adopts infrared on-line detection feeding mechanism, and the PLC program controls the feeding amount to increase the output. And its dynamic disc gap is controlled by PLC program, which can greatly improve the fineness and high quality of rubber powder, high degree of automation, high output, and easy operation.


In addition, the fine pulverizer also uses a built-in circulating water cooling system, which can effectively reduce the temperature generated during the operation of the moving disc, so that the powder will not scorch or stick during the pulverization process, which greatly improves work efficiency and The service life of the disc.


According to the above design, the assembled fine grinder can achieve a processing capacity of 28 kg/hour, its spindle speed is controlled at 60-160 rpm, the feed particle size is 2-6 mm, and the discharge particle size is 40- 200 mesh, in full compliance with the requirements for fine crushing of related materials.

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