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Conveyor Common Faults
Jan 16, 2018

Conveyor for a long time by the material, ore, coal and even the impact of metal, resulting in friction, resulting in serious impact wear and tear, the most common is the impact of coal briquette wear and baffle impact wear and tear. Some materials are relatively fine particles, but also due to the production process and installation angle, material humidity and other reasons, resulting in the accumulation of materials.

However, the impact of wear and tear of a device, the traditional approach is to replace the welding of relatively high hardness of the metal material, such as manganese steel. Some are also riveted PE materials such as wear-resistant lining for protection, but the phenomenon of wear occurs when the anchor bolt, it will cause the liner off, blocking the feeding channel, and difficult to clear, affecting the normal production of enterprises. In response to the above conveyor failure, Western countries often use polymer composites for treatment, of which the most mature is the United States and Ka Wah technology system. Its superior adhesion performance, super wear resistance, safe to solve the drawbacks of frequent metal wear and tear, to ensure the normal production of business equipment. And the unique ceramic materials in the material and the special surface hardening agent make it wear-resistant and resistant to physical impact better than any steel even beyond the tile in the worst dry-grinding environment, and the material is also incompatible with the coal The ideal material for coal accumulation.