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How To Use The Correct Granulator?
Jan 16, 2018

Pelletizer used in all walks of life, such as rubber, metal industry will use the pelletizer equipment, then how correct and safe operation of the pelletizer? Simple talk about granulator operation and precautions

1, before starting, first warm up about forty or fifty minutes, and then press the normal work rotation to pull eight to ten continuous, continue warming about ten minutes after boot, but to continue heating because normal production needs to continue to add heat;

2, according to different properties of plastic to adjust different temperatures;

3, the normal operation of the pelletizer, the machine temperature to be stable, do not suddenly high and low, near the vent, until the nose temperature to maintain around 200 ℃ (referring to C, B);

4, into the material, pay attention to the material should be uniform, can not appear the phenomenon of lack of material, feed speed and feed rate to be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the quality and yield of particles;

5, use down to stop, stop the host to completely cut off the power, granulation machine head plug (with a wrench part) must be taken off until the next preheating before use.