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What are the specifications for the use of Industrial Mixing Machine?
Sep 19, 2018

When using the industrial mixer, the user should set the equipment in a flat position, and use the square wood to lift the front and rear axles to make the tires stand up to avoid moving around when starting. At the same time, it should also implement the second-level leakage protection. After the power is turned on before going to work, it must be carefully checked. It can only be used after passing the empty car test.


When the industrial mixer is in trial operation, it should be checked whether the speed of the mixing drum is suitable. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the empty vehicle is slightly faster than 2~3 turns. If there is a large difference, the ratio of the moving wheel to the transmission wheel should be adjusted. The direction of rotation of the mixing drum should be in accordance with the direction indicated by the arrow; in addition, check whether the clutch and brake of the industrial mixer are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is damaged, whether the track pulley is good, the surrounding is unobstructed and the lubrication of each part.


After the industrial mixer is turned on, always pay attention to whether the components of the mixer are working properly. When shutting down, always check if the mixer blades are bent and the screws are knocked down or loose. When the concrete is stirred or expected to stop for more than 1h, in addition to the remaining material, the stone and water are poured into the barrel, turned on, and the mortar stuck on the barrel is washed out and completely discharged.


It must be ensured that there is no water in the barrel of the industrial mixer to prevent the barrel and blades from rusting. At the same time, the ash accumulated outside the mixing drum should be cleaned to keep the machinery clean and in good condition. After work and when the machine is not in use, the power should be cut off and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.

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