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The principle and structural characteristics of horizontal ribbon mixer
May 12, 2018

Horizontal ribbon mixer is a kind of high-efficiency mixing equipment developed under the application of advanced technology. Because it is suitable for the mixture of solid-solid, solid-pulp and other materials, the equipment has been widely used in chemical industry, medicine, and compounding. Fertilizers, dyes, pigments, rubber, building materials and foods, etc.


When the horizontal ribbon mixer works, the inner and outer diameters mounted on the agitator shaft are used to drive the material in the cylinder, and then the agitator is used to turn the animal material in a larger range within the cylinder. Observed from the structure, it can be found that the horizontal ribbon mixer is different from the ordinary mixer. Its spiral is designed to be anti-spiral inside and outside and left and right. When the agitator is working, the spiral drives the material near the axis to make the axis. Rotation, axially inward to both sides of the push, the outer spiral to drive the material near the cylinder wall to do the heart rotation, axially from both sides to the inside, thus causing the material in the cylinder convective circulation, shear infiltration, which can be in a shorter time Complete the rapid and even mixing of the materials.


Not only that, the horizontal ribbon mixer adopts the pneumatic open door structure, which has the advantages of fast discharge, no residual, etc.; of course, it can also use different devices for different materials, such as high-definition materials or semi-fluid materials. Adopt manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve.


When heating or cooling is needed, the horizontal ribbon mixer can be equipped with a jacket, and its amount of heating can be selected by electric heating and heating oil heating; the corresponding cooling process can directly inject cooling water into the jacket. The jacket heat transfer area is large and the cooling speed is fast. In addition, the horizontal ribbon mixer motor and the agitating spindle are directly connected through a cycloidal pin wheel reducer, which has a simple structure, high reliability, and convenient maintenance.


When choosing a horizontal ribbon mixer, the user should follow the basic principles of high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, short discharge time, and low residue, so the horizontal ribbon mixer should be selected according to the daily production volume. According to the working principle of the horizontal ribbon mixer, the ability of the double spiral ribbon used for stirring and mixing to push materials in the opposite direction should be basically the same. Since the pitch of the inner spiral band should be smaller than that of the outer spiral band, the pitch of the inner spiral band should be smaller than that of the outer spiral band, and the width should be greater than the outer spiral band, otherwise the material will be concentrated in one direction. Therefore, pay attention to this when choosing a horizontal mixer.

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