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Main advantages and preheating requirements of fluidized bed granulator
May 09, 2018

The fluidized bed granulator generally uses air as the fluidizing gas during the operation. After the preheating is performed during the operation, the bottom of the fluidized bed of the distribution plate is usually provided, which will make the granulation necessary. The solid powder presents a fluidized state.

Most of the fluid feed of the fluidized bed granulator is directly sprayed into the fluidized bed by the two-fluid nozzle during the operation. In the operation, it needs to have elasticity and is not easy to be blocked. If it is a hot gas during operation, More attention should be paid when atomizing crystallization solution.

To a certain extent, the fluidized-bed granulator can make the liquid coated on the particles as dry as possible. Generally, gas and solid particles are used to countercurrently, so that the product particle size distribution is more uniform. The velocity of the fluidizing gas is so large that large particles can move strongly to prevent caking.

The fluidized bed granulator can, to a certain extent, spray the sprayed and atomized material liquid into a mist, and when it is operated, it then falls on the hot seed particles in the bed and is dried to generate a solid to some extent. The formation of particles, spray fluidized bed solid particles, does not rely on the stirring of the bed.

The fluidized bed granulator combines the advantages of a fluidized bed and a standard spray fluidized bed, and is suitable for handling large particle materials, but also provides good gas-solid contact effect and mixing like a fluidized bed, so it can be used As a granulator to produce large particles.

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