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Application range of Ribbon Mixer Machine
Aug 14, 2018

The mixing effect of the Ribbon Mixer Machine is softer and the friction heat generated is very little. Generally, it does not need to be cooled. In addition to being a general mixing equipment, it can also be used as a cooling mixing equipment.
The feeding capacity of the horizontal Ribbon Mixer Machine depends on the volume of the mixing chamber and the maximum height of the outer edge of the belt. In order to increase the mixing efficiency, the feeding volume should be lower than the maximum height of the outer edge of the screw belt, and the mixing chamber should not be fully filled. The feeding volume should be 40 to 70 percent of the volume of the mixing chamber.
The Ribbon Mixer Machine has the advantages of simple structure, good mixing performance, low energy consumption, large loading coefficient, small space and working area, convenient operation and maintenance, so it is widely used. The Ribbon Mixer Machine is difficult to clean when mixed with viscous or cohesive materials, so it is suitable for mixing materials with large output and not changing materials frequently. In addition, when two materials with different densities are mixed, the materials with high density tend to sink at the bottom, so the materials with similar density should be selected when mixing with the Ribbon Mixer Machine. Generally speaking, the optimal operating speed of horizontal Ribbon Mixer Machine is less affected by the average particle diameter, while the final mixing degree of vertical Ribbon Mixer Machine is greatly affected by the average particle size.
The Ribbon Mixer Machine is often used as a mixture of sticky or condensed particles, and it can also be mixed for low density fine particles, fibrous materials and paste materials. In the case of paint spraying device, the powder can also be added to the liquid. Screw-belt mixing equipment is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, pesticide, plastic, pigments and cosmetics industries.
The typical application fields are as follows:
1. Baby food, milk powder, cocoa, beverage powder, cake, starch and salt
2. Glue
3. Livestock feed and animal food
4. Developing powder
5. Spices
6. Dyes, pigments, plastic additives, plastic particles, plastic solutions PVC compounds and polyester
7. Grinding powder, polishing compound, ceramic, talc powder
8. Aspirin penicillin
9. Detergent
10. Dental powder, face powder, foot powder
11. Pesticide
12. Chemical products, catalysts, chemicals for water treatment

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