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Operation process and structural design of chili powder milling machine
Dec 19, 2018

The chili powder milling machine has a good spindle rigidity and a strong carrying capacity. The chili powder milling machine is a kind of pepper machinery, which is mainly composed of a feeding hopper, a rotor, a toothed disc, a sieve, a casing, a base and a motor. When the machine is in production, the motor drives the spindle and the turbine to rotate at high speed. The grinding blocks on the turbine and the screen ring form a crushing and grinding pair, and the structure is compact.


In practice, the pepper enters the inside of the cauliflower milling machine from the hopper and causes it to frictionally and strongly impinge on the inner edge of the blade of the turbine under the action of the swirling airflow, and between the blade and the grinding block. Grind again in the gap. While crushing and grinding the peppers, the turbine draws in a large amount of air that acts to cool the machine, grind the peppers, and deliver the pieces of pepper. The fineness of the comminution of the pepper depends on the size of the screen and the throughput of the pieces of pepper and air.


The bearing part of the chili powder milling machine is provided with a special sealing device, which can effectively prevent the pieces of pepper from entering the bearing cavity, thereby prolonging the service life of the bearing. Moreover, there are two O-shaped rubber sealing rings installed in the door, no dust leakage and avoiding environmental pollution.

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