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Mixing Machine

  • Dry Flour Mixer Machine

    Dry Flour Mixer Machine

    JB series dry flour mixer machine consists of U-shaped container, ribbon stirring blade and transmission parts. The U-shaped long body cylinder structure ensures small resistance movement of the mixed material (powder, semi-fluid) in the cylinder.Read More
  • Dry Blenders for Dry Powders

    Dry Blenders for Dry Powders

    JB series dry blenders for dry powder adopts the form of U-shaped semi-cylinder horizontally placed with 2 layers of spiral belts in the middle. The bearings are connected at both ends of the U-shaped cylinder through a reducer, and can be equipped with a screw loading hoist.Read More
  • Washing Powder Mixing Machine

    Washing Powder Mixing Machine

    Washing powder mixing machine is a new type of high-efficiency powder mixing equipment, which can be divided into stainless steel plough mixer and carbon steel plough mixer according to the material, horizontal plough mixer and multi-function plough mixer according to the...Read More
  • Paddle Mixer Machine

    Paddle Mixer Machine

    Paddle mixer machine is suitable for mixing with powder, powder and liquid, powder and paste; the machine has the function of dispersing high speed flying knife, and the material can be evenly mixed in a short time under the action of plough and flying knife.Read More
  • Spice Mixer Machine

    Spice Mixer Machine

    Spice Mixer Machine is suitable for mixing of powder particles with good material fluidity, small physical difference, and material mixing with low mixing degree and short mixing time. Due to the smooth flow of materials in V-type mixing container, the original shape of the...Read More
  • Powder Machine Mixer

    Powder Machine Mixer

    The powder machine mixer is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries such as dry powder material mixture, several kinds of materials with different proportion and different granularity can rapidly and evenly mixed.Read More
  • Food Mixer Machine

    Food Mixer Machine

    Food mixer machine by mixing barrel, spiral agitating vane and transmission parts, such as spiral blade made of the second floor, inside and outside the two layers of plastic screw will constantly together, make the material in a mixed mix, in a very short so as to achieve...Read More
  • Flour Mixer Machine

    Flour Mixer Machine

    Flour mixer machine as part of the fixed hopper mixer, a pyramid shaped, hopper inner surface is smooth, easy to clean, mixing condition, when mixed with no dead Angle, no pollution, the material under the weight of the smooth out of material, not more than expected, the...Read More
  • Tea Mixing Machine

    Tea Mixing Machine

    Tea mixing machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, food and other industries to powder, granular and other materials mixed evenly. Structure characteristics: this machine is mainly composed of mixture tube, frame, transmission system, electrical...Read More
  • Powder Blender Machine

    Powder Blender Machine

    Due to the multi-directional movement of the mixing barrel body, the mixing effect is high, the uniformity is over 99.9%, the maximum loading coefficient is 0.9 (0.4 ~ 0.6 for the ordinary mixer), the mixing time is short and the efficiency is high. This machine has the...Read More
  • V Type Powder Mixer Machine

    V Type Powder Mixer Machine

    JB series V type powder mixer machine can vacuum suction material and seal butterfly valve discharge, implement dust-free operation.Read More
  • V Mixer Machine

    V Mixer Machine

    V mixer machine consists of two cylinders with each other with a certain Angle of v-shaped connection, two cylinder axis Angle, two tube joint section and the vertical rotating shaft, the container with the rotating shaft asymmetric arrangement.It is used mixing of dry...Read More