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Food Machinery Traditional Chinese Medicine Grinder In The Work Of Several Common Technical Problems
Jan 16, 2018

Solve the problem of powder aggregation

Drugs in the ultra-micronized surface area increased significantly, the surface energy is very high, so there is a strong mutual attraction and to achieve a stable trend. In order to prevent the aggregation of the powder, it is in a monodisperse state, and appropriate surface treatment and packaging techniques can be adopted.

Solve the problem of chemical extraction process

Due to the application of traditional Chinese medicine is no more than two ways: extraction of drugs and directly into the drug. From the extraction point of view, there are two problems, one is the dispersion of powder, and the other is the gelatinization problem in the extraction process, which requires the screening and optimization of the extraction process parameters (including extraction temperature, extraction time, the type of solvent extraction ) To solve.

Solve the problem of in vitro dissolution test

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine directly into the medicine, the core problem of using the preparation made by the ultramicro Chinese medicine powder is the establishment of the in vitro dissolution technique. After analysis, that to solve these technical issues, the need for screening dissolution medium, methodological study of dissolution method, the comprehensive selection of indicators and other work.

Solve the problem of pharmacodynamics verification

The principle of pharmacodynamics is the most powerful means of verifying whether the active ingredients are preserved and the potency is enhanced after crushing herbs. For Chinese medicine is crushed can significantly improve the pharmacodynamic activity of this point of view, experts believe that it needs to be studied and verified.