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Notes For Horizontal Plough Mixer
May 28, 2018

Maintenance regulations shall be drawn up for the use of the Horizontal Plough Mixer

 In addition to the rules for the maintenance of general equipment, the following matters shall be noted:


1, 10 hours after the initial operation of the equipment, should be fully checked, when necessary, each connection must be tightened once.


2. Electrical equipment should be inspected regularly, especially heater, and the damage should be replaced in time.


3. The electrical control box should be cleaned regularly, the dust on the electrical components should be cleaned in time, and the contact point of the contactor should be prevented from being damaged.


4. After the initial operation of the equipment for 10 hours, the triangulated belt should be checked for tightening degree. When adjusting the lead screw to tighten the triangle belt evenly, it is necessary to tighten the locking bolt of the motor seat plate so as to prevent loosening.


Each part of the equipment must be kept clean, the plow knife mixer said. In particular, the inner wall of the mixing vessel and the filling inlet of the discharging hole should be cleaned, and if the equipment is not used for a long time, the inner wall and the discharging part should be coated with antirust grease.