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Classification Of Pulverizers (according To Product Fineness)
May 03, 2018

According to the D90 standard of material fineness, 90% of the material can be divided into coarse crusher (05-20mm), crushing machine(12-120 mesh), Mini-efficient Pulverizer(60-320 mesh). The external forces applied to the material during the crushing process are shearing, impact (hitting, rolling). Four kinds of grinding. Shearing is mainly used in coarse crushing or crushing, suitable for coarse crushing or crushing materials with toughness or fiber and bulk materials; impact (strike) is mainly used for crushing and grinding, suitable for crushing brittle materials; compaction, grinding mainly in high-fineness grinding (micro-grinding) operations, so that Used for superfine grinding of most materials and ultra-fine grinding after medium-fineness grinding.

JB Series Coarse Crusher

Coarse Crusher.png

Working Method:

This machine of horizontal crushing structure, and the material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper, crushed by cutting and impact of both fixed and rotating knives, and flows to the exit automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force. Designed according to GMP standard and whole made of stainless steel, this machine has simple structure, convenient cleaning and low noise, being the ideal equipment for coarse crushing.

JB Series Universal Crusher / Grinding Mill

Grinding Mill.png

Main Usage:

 It is widely applied in the medical, chemical,pesticide,food and provision industries.

JB Series Cyclone-Separate Pulse Dust Collecting Crushing Set(Split-type)  / grinding machine

grinding machine.png


 This machine is made up of crusher, cyclone separator, pulse dust-evauator box and blower fan etc. By means of relative motion between flexible and fixed fluted discs, material is crushed through impact and friction of the teeth and impact among the material. The crushed material flows into the cyclone separator by the gravitation of blower and rotating centrifugal force, then discharges through gate blower, dust come into the pulse dust-evauator box, filtrated and recycled by the filter cylinder. The crushing size can be adjusted by the screen. Designed by the standard of GMPthe whole machine is made of stainless steel, and there is no flying dust during the process of production.

JB Series Mini-efficient Pulverizer (Air Classifying Mill) / Pulverizer machine

Pulverizer machine.png


 The design is compact and structure is reasonable. The machine is equipped with an internal classification mechanism so that grinding and classification are carried out simultaneously, thus reducing energy consumption.

Euipped with a draught fan, which dissipates the heat in the machine continuously, the machine is fit for the grinding of thermal sensitive materials.

Having a great adaptability and narrow granularity distribution. The granularity of the product is even and fineness may reach 80-320 mesh.